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Over the last 20 years, Tiffany Riley and Dick Monday (Slappy & Monday) have used the power of humor to empower and inspire – building their own brand of comedy rooted in education, performances, and healthcare-focused clowning.

Dick Monday and Tiffany Riley (Slappy & Monday) have been life partners and performing partners for the past twenty years, during which time they have headlined at circuses and festivals worldwide including Circus Sarasota, The Big Apple Circus, The Lone Star Circus, Hanneford Circus, Circo Atayde and Ringling Bros., and Barnum & Bailey. They created the clown troupe, The New York Goofs, Slappy’s Puppet Playhouse, and the Laughter League.

Today, they perform together as Slappy & Monday and are available for circus and variety bookings worldwide.


Slappy & Monday entertain on every level – from smaller productions to large-scale circuses. Featuring a talented ensemble of musicians, comedians, magicians, singers and cirque artists, shows have been performed around the world, from China to the Middle East – and even in Paris, Texas.

Slappy and Monday entertain on every level, whether as clowns in a circus or producers of an entire event. This comedy duo present both entree and reprise acts, featuring juggling, music, eccentric dance, bubbles and lots of laughter.

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EDUCATION & training

In the past 15 years, we have had hundreds of students train with the New York Goofs, and many of them have gone on to perform with Ringling Bros., The Big Apple Circus, Cirque du Soleil, and in theatrical companies around the country. Students have included professional clowns, actors, doctors, nurses, stockbrokers, lawyers, and even members of the clergy!  

Clowning is our passion, and it is our mission to help ensure that physical comedy will live long and prosper through continuous training of new talent.



Laughter League is the flagship program of Slappy & Monday’s Foundation for Laughter, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Monday and Riley’s mission is to prove that not only is laughter the best medicine, but that clowns are one of the best ways to inspire laughter and help people’s health improve. 

Therapeutic healthcare clowning currently reaches more than 100,000 children and their families annually with partner hospitals and summer camps.

Slappy Wrote a Book!

Tiffany Riley is a genius in clown makeup and a doctor’s white coat, transforming the experience of healthcare through laughter and an innate sense of the goof and sacred.
— Jill Koss, Director, Family Support Services, Cook Children's Medical Center

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